About Us

Middle East Business Smart Technology (MBS) provides Critical Power solutions, Data Center infrastructure services and Light Fitting solutions.   

We operate across a diverse range of clients. Ranging from corporates to end-users, we are equally happy working with consultants, quantity surveyors, electrical contractors, right the way through to distributors and resellers. Still, even more crucially, we understand the vital need for sustainable uptime and power continuity in today’s business environments.   

Whether a processing system in a financial institution, critical hospital environment, data center infrastructure or manufacturing line; we have the experience, services and products necessary to ensure your power continuity – no matter what.   

Of course, it’s our team that makes it all possible. From our experienced technicians all the way to our visionary leadership, our team has the talent and expertise to build lasting partnerships and provide reliable solutions for our customers. Our highly trained in house technicians travel across the country to troubleshoot problems, perform general maintenance and repairs, and perform new installations.   

At MBS, we strive to help customers find the most reliable and efficient product to suit their business, project or customer requirements.