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Coupled with our extensive range of market-leading products, we offer a line of services ranging from installation of generators to real-time status monitoring and maintenance.

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Design, Approve, Build.

Aside from our diverse range of products, we are able to offer the services of our vastly experienced engineers and technicians for consultancy roles.

It is one thing recognising a problem. MBS's expertise lies in defining the best solution based on current best practice, and utilising the most suitable equipment available on the market.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that MBS is wholly independent from any manufacturer, hence has the freedom to specify the best solution based on our customer's need, and not ours.


Complete Service Packages.

As part of our complete solutions packages, our team of experienced engineers carry out all installations of our products and services.

Aside from providing a wide range of top line products including Generators and UPS systems manufactured by the top names in industry, we offer efficient, professional installation services designed to implement your chosen product solution under the optimum conditions. Our dedicated team of professional engineers and technicians carry out all your installation and implementation requirement regardless of how large they are. 


Your Business in Good Hands.

Installation of power protection equipment often leads to the alteration and/or upgrading of allied building services. Because of this, MBS has the skill base to provide the following additional Maintenance Contracts & support services. 

We can offer a more cost effective and thorough solution, because we assess your site as a whole and can identify potential imbalances between equipment types before they occur. 

Our professional installation service is without doubt an integral part of your power solution package. 


Business Process Organized.

Structured cabling provides the critical backbone of a communication system. 

MBS understands the complex issues involved in planning, installing and maintaining network communication systems. 

MBS can provide you with the voice and data cable installation, communication cabling, network cabling, and office electrical wiring, as well as the testing needed to complete your installation. 

We are experts at installing Cat6A and fiber optics cable for peak performance Internet and data exchange.


A Key To Your Success.

MBS offers a complete range of assistance services for its brands, guaranteeing competence and execution speed during installation, maintenance and spare parts management for any Solar & Security system. 

The professional approach of MBS technical team is guaranteed by extremely advanced training and refresher courses on installation and maintenance techniques.

The quick turnaround and speed of intervention – guaranteed by specialized staff – ensure that the efficiency and performance level of MBS.


Your Business in Good Hands.

While most UPS systems and batteries live out their service lives in temperature controlled rooms, some need to live out their service lives in harsh or remote conditions that threaten their longevity and reliability. 

These hard-to-reach locations, where devices may need to be self-powered and battery replacement and recharging is extremely difficult, may also be places that experience extreme temperature swings. 

MBS offers many solutions for rugged outdoor applications. Our manufacturers have UPS Systems, Batteries and Enclosures that can meet any environmental challenge and help you provide the power your organization needs.


Business Process Organized.

All UPS's rely on an internal battery. Like any other battery, it is a consumable item which will demonstrate its health (or lack of) when it is put into use.

This is invariably at the instant a mains power problem occurs i.e. the battery is placed under instantaneous load conditions, and it will either support the system, or drop the load.

While it is impossible to accurately predict a system failure, maintenance will reduce and pre-empt most breakdowns.

The only fail-safe method of guaranteeing your UPS will work when called upon is to carry out a maintenance check at least once a year.

maintenance contracts

A Key To Your Success.

Like any other computer peripheral, reliability and efficiency is directly linked to maintenance. The only difference is that the failure of most peripheral devices is usually only an annoyance - the failure of your UPS can replicate the one disaster it was intended to prevent.

We offer a range of maintenance contracts designed to suit your needs. We will advise you of the relevant maintenance requirements for your system(s), and compile a maintenance package tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

 We aim to keep your business running without costly, unscheduled downtime.


Your Business in Good Hands.

Maintaining Power Quality (PQ) is a growing concern for many businesses, as the costs of poor Power Quality, although considerably high, are somewhat hidden and are therefore often incorrectly attributed to other sources and are never fully eliminated. 

Our fully qualified team of project engineers have a wide experience of dealing with Power Quality problems and have an in depth knowledge of the solutions available to correct any power quality issues on your site.

In nearly all cases the cost of protecting a building from poor Power Quality is significantly lower than the costs associated with the problem itself.



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Our mission is to provide solutions, coupled with superior after-sales support and services, give our clients the best power security required for their mission critical applications.

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